Healthcare organizations and medical practices are under duress owing to unprecedented changes in their fundamental business model. Moreover increased regulations and soft revenues are limiting physician's earnings.

At CIITS, we offer consulting services to aid healthcare organizations and medical practices to improve their operational efficiencies by automating and streamlining their internal processes. Our consultants maximize the time that physicians spend with their patients and cut down on the time that they have to spend mulling operational and regulatory issues. This automatically leads to additional revenue generation and lower costs.

Challenges Faced by Our Clients

  • Adjusting to and managing a changing business model and shift to a patient-focused healthcare system
  • Dealing with regulatory pressure for alignment of incentives and cost containment
  • Taking care of digitized data from diverse sources that almost leads to a data explosion
  • Implementation of reforms stressing on preventive care and wellness management

What CIITS Offers

At CIITS, we have the necessary expertise, experience and capabilities to help you generate greater profits while retaining or enhancing the quality of patient care. Our services span business process outsourcing, IT services and consulting and infrastructure services. Our primary focus areas include:

  • Practice analysis and assessment process optimization and automation
  • Strategic process outsourcing
  • Compliance

Practice Analysis & Assessment

The CIITS healthcare practices analysis and assessment service can be customized to suit your needs. Our medical practice consultants are prepared to address different aspects of practice such as:

  • Patient processing optimization and office management
  • Optimizing and automating EHR usage
  • Cash flow optimization and revenue cycle management
  • Productivity management and optimization
  • Compliance and security assurance
  • Technology review
  • Physician and staff training for billing and coding to generate maximum revenues

What does Medical Practice Assessment Say about your Business?

Getting a quality third party to make an assessment of your medical practice unravels a whole lot of missed opportunities and unnecessary exposure to liabilities. It also provides a much needed direction to medical practitioners as they struggle with regulatory, reimbursement and market pressure.

We provide answers to questions such as:

  • Am I properly doing the paperwork necessary to ensure maximum charges for each patient encounter?
  • Are my services at par with the best practices in the industry?
  • Which are the most profitable services offered? How can the profitability of all services be increased?
  • Are the costs involved too high? How can the costs be reduced and the quality of patient care improved?
  • How can I improve staff productivity?

Our assessment can be focused on areas such as documentation, billing, coding and collections. We also provide end to end review of your business' human resource, financial and administrative activities.

Process Optimization & Automation

Our consultants will work in tandem with you to bring together diverse technologies to do away with duplicate data entry, remove redundant data, lower cycle time from patient service to payment collection.

We stress on meaningful use and physician quality reporting system or PQRS so that every physician is able to gain maximum compensation.

CIITS provides accelerators and templates to extend best practices so that each engagement yields the best operational and financial outcome. Our consultants select the best industry practices that are applicable for each physician as one size doesn't fit all.

Strategic Process Outsourcing

CIITS is an expert in business process outsourcing. Our billing companies are strategic partners of their clients. We extend planning, guidance, and support for your business as you switchover from low value and high cost in-house resources to professional and reasonably priced external resources. We provide our services in all domains of the outsourcing process right from the identification of resources to the generation of requests for proposals or RFPs to transitioning, planning and execution and also the evaluation of vendors. We also provide assistance when it comes to training your staff. We also oversee the fact that your outsourcing agreement lowers risk and delivers quality support to achieve your business goals and generate profits.


The implementation of healthcare reforms is likely to have an impact on almost every aspect of your business and HIPAA-compliant electronic transactions are just one of these. It is necessary to assess every interface, system and vendor application. These may include disease/care management systems, operational reporting systems, financial reporting systems and even provider contracts. These require trained and experienced healthcare IT professionals.

Experts in healthcare technology at CIITS are ready to take you through the challenging process. Strict regulation of healthcare by both the federal and the state governments is the order of the day. This had led to several improvement programs together known as Healthcare Reform. These address diverse areas of healthcare and are largely enabled by technology.

With our experienced and knowledgeable team at CIITS, we strive to offer our clients the best of healthcare consulting services so that they are able to face and overcome the mounting challenges in the field.