At CIITS, our medical billing solutions are devised to ensure maximum profitability for our clients and see that they are not disappointed with what we have to offer.

Our medical billing solutions include:

  • Demographic data entry
  • Charge capture
  • Claims submission
  • Coding
  • Denials processing
  • Payment collection
  • Quality assurance
  • Accounts receivable follow up
  • Financial accounting
  • Compliance and audit
  • Improved and customized management with reports on various aspects
  • Client communication along with suggestions for coding and documentation to increase revenue and lower denials
  • Client training and education on regulator changes that are likely to affect billing processes and coding
  • RCM
  • Practice Managment

At CIITS, we offer extensive revenue cycle management support (RCM) for hospitals and medical practices. Our efficient team makes use of state of the art billing systems, which are included within the EHR systems and offer sophisticated automation and workflows that are created in a way so as to enhance reimbursements and substantially lower denials. Our clients have informed that they witnessed a substantial rise in revenues within a span of a few months of adopting our health care billing platform. Our solutions are designed in a way that they benefit your business in more ways than one.

  • The prompt payments with limited instances of denial result in increased cash flow and higher profits
  • Our improved business intelligence and analytics are designed to help manage your practice more smoothly. We provide our clients with insights that ensure success of their practice by integrating patient and physician data, billing data and practice management data into our efficient business tool.
  • Online management reporting suited for your practice and tailored to match the different business requirements.
  • Professional coding to generate maximum revenue for every procedure
  • Support for contract negotiation
  • Billing fees depending on the payments received

CIITS has a solid record of excellence when it comes to practice management solutions. These include staffing for medical practices and also partnering hospitals. We take immense pride in both practice satisfaction and patient satisfaction. We regularly work on our processes and workflows to enhance them and ensure efficient operations for our clients. Our USP is process and system integration across the businesses that we manage. According to our quality survey, the patients who are served by our practice management team are impressed with our efficiency and speak highly of their helpfulness and friendliness.

We offer the following practice management services:

  • Scheduling
  • Patient Pay Solutions
  • Patient Registration
  • Insurance Verification and Eligibility
  • Patient-First Revenue Cycle Management
  • Finance, Accounting and Purchasing
  • Staffing
  • IT and administration
  • HR & Payroll