Welcome to CIITS. We are committed to offer customer centric solutions which are highly effective. Our staff augmentation services will equip you with a team that will accelerate both the speed and quality of work via developing as well as managing resources in a highly productive manner. Our workforce will enable you in obtaining goals faster, leverage technical and industry expertise and also improve your company's reputation in your shareholders and clients' eyes. The challenges such as aggressive project deadlines and skill gaps are adequately handled.

We cater to different sectors

CIITS provides staff augmentation solutions to different sectors namely,

  • IT
  • Healthcare
  • Financial
  • BPO

We understand your business needs best

Our team of account managers and recruiters will offer you with the most reliable and IT consultants. No matter the size of your company, our highly versatile staff augmentation solutions will work best in meeting your needs. What makes us different is we take time in understanding your needs, your project, your business and also your corporate culture and corporate goals. Our out of the box skill assessment techniques, proprietary candidate database and in-depth needs analysis are all keys for ensuring your satisfaction.

At the heart of CIITS is the dedicated team who helps you in accelerating project commencement and completion at highly competitive prices.