Website design and Development.

Websites range from brochure websites to large portals that incorporate social network systems, search, database, video integration, programming and a custom made content management systems. Thus development is a complex process requiring serious approach and an attention to detail.

Your website design along with the rest of your branding is the mirror image of your business on the internet and on the market in general. Main features of website design are uniqueness and recognition. Even if the company is well-organized, a poor design & brand expression can ruin everything. That's why it is always important to implement outstanding web design and maintain unique brand expression.

Our web design service involves conceptualisation of the website, based on which we design the layout, add graphics, colors, font and the required content to the web pages. It is essential to decide on the number of pages the number of pages the website must include, based on the nature of the business.

Web Development is the second most important step after the web design is completed. Web development begins from developing a simple static HTML page and goes up to most complex websites that involve e-commerce, animation or a social networking service. This process involves the process of coding the website for it to go live on the World Wide Web.

Digital Marketing:

Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions play an important role in getting listed high of search results. Meta description tag is a short description of the website, the keywords also play a key role in the ranking of the website and also act as an advertising copy to attract the viewer's attention and visit the website.

Google allows only 160 characters in the meta description and cuts everything exceeding that. So it is advisable to stay within the limits and if at all the content does exceed, make sure the most important content is placed at the first.


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